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Secure new investors and accelerate your capital-raise with Blazar Group, LLC - the premier capital-raising consulting firm and Capital School - our specialized training platform.

Our Core Services Help With…

Building Confidence:

Empowering entrepreneurs to approach and secure funding from high networth investors.

High-Quality Investor Materials:

Assisting in creating top-notch investor materials to attract, persuade, and close HNW investors.

Legal Protection:

Providing a team of legal experts to review all materials, ensuring understanding of the industry's nuances and legal compliance.

Access to HNW Investors:

Facilitating access to new high networth investors and placing entrepreneurs in front of high-caliber investors.

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Brad Blazar - The $2 Billion Guy

Brad Blazar is renowned for aiding entrepreneurs in elevating their capital raising endeavors, preparing investor kits, finding new high networth investors, and pitching successfully to raise substantial investor capital for their multifamily real estate projects. He’s on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to raise the necessary funds by offering services such as consulting, investment advice, and investor kit creation.


What Others Are Saying

"As one of the original Sharks on the hit TV show Shark Tank, I've been pitched at by hundreds of investors. There is a "right way" and a wrong way. In Winning at the Capital Game - Using OPM to Build Wealth Brad concisely breaks down what every entrepreneur needs to know when it comes to raising capital from HNW investors."

Kevin Harrington - Shark Tank | Entrepreneur

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