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On the wings of eagles

                  Learning to soar in life

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Brad breaks down the best message and underlying points from encounters he has had with some of the most influential people in politics, sports and business and shares his notes in an enlightening way. His encounters include George W. Bush, Oliver North, Kevin O'Leary, Joe Namath, Magic Johnson amongst others.

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The Art of Beliefology™

Brad’s magnificent book, On the Wings of Eagles -Learning to Soar in Life, focuses the reader on many of the key lessons we learn about what makes successful people achieve more in life. To be successful , Brad has created an exciting narrative sharing the messages from great leaders in sports, business and politics that speaks to each reader about what it takes to be successful. Start with a dream, believe in yourself and don’t give up. Garrett D'Alessando - CEO, City National Rochdale

Brad has hit it out of the park with this motivating and well written treatise on being the best you can be in life and in business. This is a must read for all ages. Joseph Ori, Paramount Capital Corporation, CEO
A fun read packed with a lifetime collection of success stories from a wide variety of interesting people. Brad Blazar does a really nice job presenting in a book that not only motivates, but entertains. Extremely enjoyable! Jon Fessel - SVP, PIMCO
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