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Elevate Your Capital Raising Journey with Blazar Group, LLC and Capital School

Investor Acquisition Strategies, Capital Raising Consulting, and Comprehensive Training Programs…all in one place. We create custom-tailored strategies & tactics to help you raise the funds you’re after.


Secure new investors and accelerate your capital-raise with Blazar Group, LLC - the premier capital-raising consulting firm and Capital School - our specialized training platform.

Our Core Services Help You In…

Building Confidence:

Empowering entrepreneurs to approach and secure funding from high networth investors.

High-Quality Investor Materials:

Assisting in creating top-notch investor materials to attract, persuade, and close HNW investors.

Legal Protection:

Providing a team of legal experts to review all materials, ensuring understanding of the industry's nuances and legal compliance.

Access to HNW Investors:

Facilitating access to new high networth investors and placing entrepreneurs in front of high-caliber investors.

Here Are A Few Examples Of Investor Kits We've Created:

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Brad Blazar - The $2 Billion Guy

Brad Blazar is renowned for aiding entrepreneurs in elevating their capital raising endeavors, preparing investor kits, finding new high networth investors, and pitching successfully to raise substantial investor capital for their multifamily real estate projects. He’s on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to raise the necessary funds by offering services such as consulting, investment advice, and investor kit creation.


What Others Are Saying

"As one of the original Sharks on the hit TV show Shark Tank, I've been pitched at by hundreds of investors. There is a "right way" and a wrong way. In Winning at the Capital Game - Using OPM to Build Wealth Brad concisely breaks down what every entrepreneur needs to know when it comes to raising capital from HNW investors."

Kevin Harrington - Shark Tank | Entrepreneur

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What We Offer:

Investor Acquisition Strategies, Capital Raising Consulting, and Comprehensive Training Programs…all in one place. We create custom-tailored strategies & tactics to help you raise the funds you’re after.

Capital School Vault

3,000 One-Time Cost

Real World Value: $8,525

Fast-track your raise with our capital-raising playbooks, tools, frameworks, and community support, all inside of our specialized training platform.


Weekly Q&A "Office Hours"

50+ Weeks of access to Brad LIVE every thursday evening.

Value: $1,500

Family Office Database

Get the contact info for 350+ Family Offices & High Net Worth Investors, organized in a spreadsheet.

Value: $500

Signed Copy of Brad's New Book

Get a signed copy of Brad's new book, Winning At The Capital Game, shipped to your door.

Value: $25

Priority Customer Support and Assistance

Receive top-tier customer support with my high-level team of experts.

Value: $1,500

Private Capital School Community

Get access to our private online group for helpful advice, networking, and Q&A from the community.

Value: $500

Capital School Learning Center

14 Modules & 10+ Hours of Video Training Content. All focused on how to use the Playbooks.

Value: $3,000

Capital Raising Playbooks

Get all the playbooks, frameworks, and tools you need to confidently raise more capital.

Value: $1,500

Capital School Platinum

Starts at $12,500 / yr.

Real World Value: $27,525

Get Brad’s personalized guidance, exclusive resources, invaluable networking opportunities and in-person bootcamps to accelerate your capital raising journey.


1:1 Consulting with Brad

Brad with consult with you once per month to guide you through your capital-raising journey.

Value: $9,000

Weekly "Pitch Feedback" Call

A weekly call with Brad and other community members to practice your pitch and get real time feedback in a safe, private space.

Value: $5000

Power Players Rolodex

Get access to Brad's rolodex of "Power Players" (strategic partners, vendors, consultants, and more).

Value: $2,500

Capital Raising Kickstart Call

A 30 minute 1:1 w/ Brad & his team as soon as you sign up.

Value: $1,000

Bootcamp Invitation

Get a free ticket to attend one of our In-Person Bootcamps once a year.

Value: $1,000

Brad's Gift Box & Magazine

Brad will ship you a welcome gift box, then a bi-monthly copy of his magazine, Business In Action.

Value: $500

Capital School Elite

Starts at $32,500

Real World Value: $77,525

We build your investor kit for you so you can attract high-value investors with ease. Get our suite of done-for-you services and 1-on-1 consulting to position you as a “billion dollar brand”.


Monthly Mastermind Events

Get Access to monthly in-person or virtual mastermind events with the other clients, featuring expert guest speakers, hot seat sessions, and high-level business discussions.

Value: $24,000

Pitch Training & Feedback Session

Brad and you will sit down for a "mock pitch" dry run so you can dial in your presentation and get clarity on where you can improve.

Value: $3,000

Legal Team Review

Brad's securities attorney and legal team will review all your materials at NO extra charge. You will never see a bill from a law firm.

Value: $10,000

Done-For-You Investor Kit Creation

Brad and his team will design your "Billion Dollar" pitch deck, one pager and offering memorandum.

Value: $10,000

Investor Kit Strategy & Structure Sessions

Brad will personally help you structure your offer, pitch deck and your presentation over 1-2 calls.

Value: $3,000

Capital School Inner Circle

By Request Only

Real World Value: $294,525

Get everything taken care of with our highest level of service. This is for those who are ready to take their established business to new heights, with a 360 degree solution to your next $10M to $100M+ raise.


Investor Round Table Networking Events

Attend private investor networking & "shark tank" style in-person events with high net worth investors, successful entrepreneurs, and other high-level members to get feedback and potentially raise capital right there.

Value: $100,000

Documentary-Style Infomercial

My production team will come to you and create a professional 30 min. documentary-style infomercial around you, your company, your success, and your deals in progress.

Value: $30,000

Featured Guest Opportunities on Brad's Podcast and Social Media Channels

Gain exposure and credibility by being featured as a guest on Brad's popular podcast and social media channels, showcasing your success and expertise.

Value: $10,000

Annual Luxury Retreat

Attend an exclusive luxury retreat each year, where you'll join Brad and other high-level members, investors, and special guests for in-depth workshops, networking, and personal growth experiences.

Value: $20,000

Marketing Playbook Development

A tailor-made playbook on how to generate investor leads and where to find potential investors online.

Value: $3,000

Done-For-You Investor Follow Up Messages

My marketing team will create investor follow up message templates, based on my 4-step blueprint, to help you quickly follow up with potential investors the right way.

Value: $3,000

Done-For-You Investor Database CRM Setup

My operations team will design & set up your Investor CRM to help you organize your leads & opportunities; ensuring that you never miss out on a potential deal.

Value: $5,000

Done-For-You Investor Lead Capture System

My marketing team will create and implement a custom investor sales funnel and marketing strategy for your business, designed to generate lead, increase conversions, and drive revenue growth.

Value: $10,000

Bi-Weekly One-on-One Consulting with Brad

Two private consulting sessions per month with Brad, focused on staying on track, overcoming challenges, and ensuring successful progress.

Value: $36,000

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