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Join Brad for a 2 day intensive LIVE bootcamp in Houston, TX on February 25th and 26th. Over the course of two days, get access to Brad's training, scripts, workbooks and more... ALL designed to make raising capital from HNW (high net worth ) investors your new superpower. Leave with a strategy in place and clarity on the methods, techniques and strategies to master this skill.

2 Day LIVE Bootcamp

  • Here's What You'll Learn Inside This Value-Packed Bootcamp:
    • Understand the Different Types of Investors. Understand the ins-and-outs of each kind and  learn which one is the right type for you.
    • ​Learn the Three Ways to Find Investors and The Best Platforms to Use. We'll cover how a little known law enabled billions of investor capital to become unlocked (for your benefit).
    • How to Attract the Right People (Investors) & Book Your First Investor Call. Completely avoid the rookie mistakes that most make on their first, second, or even tenth call.
    • Learn the BEST Questions to Ask Investors to Build Trust. Discover what investors will tell you that you can use in your favor.
    • ​How to Prepare for And Handle Investor Objections. Ethically steal my Align, Present, Ask method of overcoming objections.


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