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Expand Your Capital Raising Potential

The ability to raise and attract capital, and to reach a MUCH broader audience of retail investors without the expense and regulatory burdens of a traditional IPO (initial public offering), was once an unattainable goal. However, that landscape has changed dramatically.

Regulation A (or Reg A) is an exemption for offering securities that was significantly expanded by Title IV of the JOBS Act of 2012. It has now become a viable and cost-effective capital-raising option, allowing businesses to raise up to $75M over a 12-month period.

Unique Opportunities Emerging from Reg A Offerings

Capital School has provided advice and mentorship on Reg A offerings. The appeal of Reg A offerings for businesses and entrepreneurs lies in their codified exemption from registration requirements. This allows the securities to be sold and traded in secondary transactions. As a result, Regulation A offerings possess all the practical attributes of a public security but without much of the regulatory expenses and burdens typically associated with them.

With a manageable reporting system in place, Reg A offerings have become popular in the capital raising sector, as well as in the independent broker/dealer and RIA spaces. They offer transparency and enhanced disclosure, which are sought after by both groups. When structured correctly, Regulation A offerings in these capital raising channels have demonstrated significant success in raising capital.

For inquiries about Reg A offerings, Capital School has a team of law firms ready to assist.

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