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Chris Messier - Brad Blazar's The Capital Catalyst Show

Chris Messier - Brad Blazar's The Capital Catalyst Show

In this episode, Brad Blazar interviews Chris Messier, the CEO and founder of a company called Limitless Capital. Chris shares his journey from working a full-time job, managing nuclear power plants, to investing in real estate. He delves into his experience with purchasing his first home in 2008, which was a short sale process. This sparked his interest in real estate investment. By the end of 2009 and into 2010, Chris ventured into his first real estate investment project using hard money. He also shares an anecdote about seeking advice from the police department regarding the safety of an investment area and being advised against it. The video provides insights into the challenges and experiences of real estate investment from Chris's perspective. ▶ Looking for expert guidance on raising capital? Learn more here: ================================ Subscribe Now For Weekly Capital Raising Insights with Brad Blazar: ================================ ABOUT BRAD BLAZAR Brad is globally recognized as a capital raising expert and the founder of Capital School. With a legacy of raising billions over his illustrious career, Brad has been a guiding light for countless entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. ================================ Follow Brad on... LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook:
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