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Saturday, AUGUST 8th, 2020

8:45am CST to 3:00pm CST

Build your plan to "RISE ABOVE!" This event is about learning how to become a BEAST and build the life you want and creating a roadmap that you can put into practice. From world class entrepreneurs to top business minds - ALL here for YOU!  

Our Expert lineup for this event

Brad Blazar 

Founder of The Art of Beliefology™

Author, speaker and coach Brad Blazar is the founder of BEAST Nation - a community of success minded people who refuse to live in a spirit of fear. 

As the former CEO of a small oil company he started at the age of 23, Brad has had encounters with thought leaders like George W Bush, Joe Namath, Kevin O'Leary, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Fran Tarkenton, Oliver North amongst others and writes about this in his #1 rated book for entrepreneurs On the Wings of Eagles - Learn to Soar in Life.

Brad has been hosted on podcasts around the world and speaks about his trademarked philosophy known at The Art of Beliefology™ - Change Your Beliefs and Change Your Future

Sergio Bruna

America's Most Influential Latino Entrepreneur

Sergio Bruna is an entrepreneur and salesman originally from Madrid, Spain, who moved to Mexico City as a teenager to work and live on his own. By the time he was 20, he had already been homeless twice, which pushed him to move to the United States at the age of 21. Flash forward to today, and he is now the "Grant Cardone of Latinos," the top Latino Entrepreneur.

Sergio launched a late night show called, "El Pelado de la Noche" which was aired on prime time television. When he stopped making his TV show, he chose to go back to sales by focusing on Renewable Energy. After 9 years of specializing in this area, Sergio has become one of the top players of the industry, having sold more than 600M dollars of solar energy.


Today, Sergio represents Chevrolet in the Spanish market, and has shot over 100 TV spots as the face of the brand. He also speaks in multiple events across the U.S., driven by the desire to inspire others to become the best version of themselves

John Shin

Sergio Prado

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