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The Masterclass on Building Broker/dealer and RIA Distribution for Your Deals and Fund - Let Others Raise Millions For You
(This Is the Secret the Largest Sponsors and Issuers Use to Raise Hundreds of Millions)

Capital Raising Bootcamp

Capital Raising Bootcamp

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The Next syndication masterclass is October 11th at 6pm CST
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Space is limited

Learn the secrets I've shared with the BIGGEST sponsors and capital raisers to build armies of hundreds to raise capital for their deals and funds -


Hey, Brad Blazar here:


Over the past few decades, I've closed over $2 BILLION worth of deals, either by myself or with the teams I've directly managed. 


Now, it's my mission to help others raise the investor capital they're after to build, buy, or scale any business.


But let me tell you... it hasn't all been sunshine and roses...


When I was just 23 years old, I started my own oil company. I dropped out of college and bet BIG on myself.

Oil tiny.jpeg

When my parents found out...BOY was I in trouble. 


See, they had saved up for years to put me through college... and it was now ALL or nothing!


I don’t know if I was the youngest CEO of an oil company at that time, but I was certainly brand new to the game.


Starting this new oil business was a whole different animal.

I Had To Master The Art Of Closing BIG Deals FAST For Two Reasons:

   > #1: To prove to my parents that I made the right decision...

​   > #2: Because my company would run the risk of going bankrupt if i wasn’t hugely successful...


That second reason kept me awake at night constantly.  

And although I had a some money coming in, I needed to get investors on board...FAST!


The clock was ticking and if I didn't raise enough in the next 30 days, I'd be bankrupt and back home with the parents...


After spending some time cold calling, looking for leads...I stumbled upon a few that I went after.


I felt like Captain Ahab hunting for Moby Dick, the great white whale.


At that time, one of my biggest investor prospects was a retired multi-millionaire neurosurgeon who I had been trying to close for a long time.


He explained to me at the time that he was investing in casinos out in Vegas - BIG time money! He flew out to Texas in his private jet to come and “kick the tires” as he called it.


When he stepped off his plane, he was wearing a Rolex with diamonds that flashed in the Texas sunset… I greeted him and we headed back to my office in downtown Austin.


I said to myself… “This guy’s in the big leagues - don’t blow it Brad!”


But after a few conversations and follow up...


 I Just Couldn’t Get The Guy To Say ‘Yes” And Invest.


Finally, I realized that if I was ever going to close the deal, I had to prove to this man I was worthy of his investment - 


I had to PROVE to him I was playing at his LEVEL. 


Well, one night we were on the phone and I said...“Doctor, it just takes two things to invest in an oil well.”


“What’s that?” he asked. Well I replied with...


“Big Balls, And A Lot Of Money, Now Which Of The Two Don’t You Have?”

And then I bit my tongue and I shut up. Because the truth is, in that moment I was scared s***less.


It seemed like eternity and there was silence on the other end of the phone. And then after what felt like an eternity, he said…


“Now how much did you say 4 units cost?”


“Let’s go get your checkbook,” I said. And he wrote me a $150,000 check right there on the spot. Following that, he became one of my most loyal investors writing many more BIG checks!


Over the years, he introduced me to many more investors just like him that opened the door to 10’s of millions of dollars.


You see, it was then that I realized that raising investor capital is different than anything else you do in business. It not only takes a different “ takes a different MINDSET as well.” …. Something most business owners lack.


This revelation, (perhaps a major “aha” moment in life) allowed me to do...

Over $2 BILLION In Deals Over The Years...

Including The Biggest Deals On Record For Companies Like:


$11MM for USAllianz - Allianz being one of the

world's largest insurance companies.

​$9MM, $7.5MM and $5MM for SmartStop Asset

Management - one of the countries top self-storage


 $2MM for Hartman REIT - a major real estate

company based in Houston.

​... and SO many more!



But the best part...I’ve been able to teach these same skills to my team so they could go on and close their own “whales” - earning BIG commissions themselves.


Raising capital from investors isn’t easy - But I became a master at it and now I want to show you exactly how to do it!


How else could a punk 23 year old kid like me close a man worth millions of dollars? There’s only one answer.


It was the skillset combined with the mindset.


And until you master that, you’ll never be able to raise investor capital to buy, build or scale a business.


Big time investors, family offices and those that play in the Big leagues can smell a “novice” a mile away!


So, I’m now on a mission to share what I’ve learned after $2 BILLION in deals...with YOU!

Are You Up For It?


Heading 2

Introducing The LIVE Virtual
Masterclass Event

An Intensive Training To Take You to the NEXT Level.


Here's What You'll Learn Inside This Value-Packed Masterclass:

  • Understand the Due Diligence Process with Broker/Dealers. Understand how the due diligence process is completed with broker/dealers and RIA firms

  • Learn the events to attend that cater to this space and how to benefit. We'll cover how the industry events and trade associations can benefit you

  • How to Attract broker/dealers and get a managing B/D on board: Building the capital raising team for your deals

  • Learn the difference between Broker/dealers and RIA firms: Which is BEST to raise capital from and how it works

  • How to Prepare for this space and take your capital raise to another level. What broker/dealers and RIA firms look for and how to WIN

          And SO much more...

By The End Of This Intensive Virtual & Highly Interactive Masterclass You Will know how to approach broker/dealers, get third party due diligence completed and build the RIGHT team to raise capital for you!

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Save Countless Hours & Stress Trying To Learn How To Raise Capital On Your Own... 


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  • Uncover the do’s & don’ts of investor advertising (Warning: do this wrong and it could mean potential jail time).

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