Become a BEAST and develop the mindset and habits for greater success!

It's my belief that a good coach can change your life. Additionally, it's been shown that those who have a coach earn 3-4x more than those who don’t. You need to have an affinity with the person coaching you.

I also believe a BEAST, in our BUILD a BEAST coaching structure, is an individual that combines multiple skill sets to dominate their market and profession.

I focus on being “goal focused and positive.” The coaching structure is designed for you to learn, grow, and connect with a dynamic group of other like minded achievers. I also add a BEAT and CADENCE to your week with Monday accountability sessions, Tuesday and Thursday SMS MESSAGES and daily interactions in the private Facebook group.


Group Coaching

Group coaching session with Brad Blazar for two hours either in person or online with other like-minded top achievers

Accountability School

Weekly “Accountability School” on selling, business growth, positioning, closing, and expansion

Special Sessions

Access to special sessions with Brad, including sales summits, boot-camps, spouse and kids events, and more

Live Sessions

Six live sessions monthly for you to choose where you would like to attend or watch online to watch anywhere in the world

Build a Beast Workbook

Build a Beast planner and workbook

Access to Brad's Team

Access to meet with Brad’s team on strategy, acceleration, and more

Strategy Plan

Weekly strategy and video from Trainer Brad

Build a BEAST Mindset!

Scale your business at a hyper rate

• Market and position your business as

   differentiated in a saturated world

• Hire, build, and grow your team to free you up to       play in your unique money area

• Build a million dollar followup

Articulate your explanation of services in a world-class manner

Work a pure selling system that drives QUALIFIED     leads

• Create an experience that drives 5.7 referrals

• Become a “Person of Interest” and build an                                     “Organization of Interest”

Are you ready and committed to taking the next step? It is time to learn how to activate the Beast within. 

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